Smartarm: The Phone Accessory with Sci-Fi Vibes. Transform any phone case into a tripod mount, Wristband, Holder, Armband, SelfieStick and more!

How to Transform any phone case into a Tripod Mount, Wristband, Holder, Armband, SelfieStick etc,

How to Transform your Phone Case into an All-in-One Tripod Mount, Wristband, Holder, Armband, SelfieStick & more!

When it comes to using our phones, whether on the go, at Home, Work or even at the Gym, we often find ourselves restricted by what we are doing or just by where we are!
And we all tried at least once to break those restrictions using so many different phone accessories....from Tripod Mounts, to Holders,Grips and armbands!
But the usual accessories take a lot of space so you can't take them all with you!
And once you change your phone those accessories become obsolete!

That's why we Invented Smartarm © ; The Most Transformable Phone Accessory that works with all phone brands and models!

Smartarm © unique versatility breaks down those barriers by adjusting to your specific needs!

Traveling by train or by airplane and you need a lightweight and compact tripod for those long waiting moments?
--> Smartarm ©.
You also need a way to keep your phone in your hands so you don't lose it...again?
--> Smartarm©.
But you also need to keep your hands totally free while you're on the move?
--> Smartarm ©.
You wish you could easily and safely check your GPS while riding your bike or scooter?
--> Smartarm ©.

Smartarm © easily and quickly transforms your phone case into a wristband , a tripod mount, a holder, Grip and much more! Just for you to gain control again over those imposed barriers and to keep your hands-free no matter when or where!

What will I receive in my Smartarm package?
Smartarm is a revolutionary All-in-one device that fits all phone brands and models.
The package you will receive will include:
- 1x Hybrid-Wristband
- 1x Pocket-Click (Black)
- 1x Smartarm (Black)
- 6x Sticky Back Loops (to connect your phone with Smartarm and with the Hybrid-Wristband).

Highly intuitive, Smartarm can be easily transformed into one of the 7 basic modes or extend it to its fullest within seconds: ≈ 4x Bigger its compact size(14.5cm -to-> 56cm).
Adjustable angle and 360 rotation to free your hands! But feel free to discover many different uses, depending on your needs.

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